A drawing of a character with dinosaur skull saying the text: Heya! Welcome to my little website!

Welcome! This is my little hideaway on the ‘net. Mostly, it’s for me to post my artworks, lay out my stories, and have a little blog where I can talk about what interests me (mostly: dinosaurs)! Who am I?? Well, I’m Tas! I’m an artist from Canada who’s been doodling on pads of paper and making weird little stories since I was a kid. Nowadays I’ve made a fair share of books and comics, as well as running a little joint operation called Windy & Wallflower with my fiancee. So poke around if you feel like it!

Lost Time!

An adventure 66 million years in the past! My first published graphic novel is now available wherever books are sold! Pick it up from your local bookstore!

Take a Peek

Here’s a selection of some projects–both currently in progress, or upcoming! Click the button to learn more about them.

Journey to the Crater, where mythology and monsters are the least of your worries. August and her friends have been making the best of it there, until they find themselves tied up in a mess involving bounty hunters, landlords and harpy gods. A comic in collaboration with my partner.

Space! Lizards! Bees! Jax has been living his dream as a famous rockstar, but due to restrictive contracts, it’s become a nightmare. He tries to escape, but finds himself in the clutches of a fearsome bounty hunter–Raddley. But maybe the two have more in common than they realize… A collab comic in the works!

Family can really make you a monster. Sam convinces her girlfriend, Boots, to finally take her to meet her family–this turns out to be a huge task, as Sam finds out that Boots’s family are all monsters. But the bigger task might be keeping her relationship with Boots intact. Slated as my next graphic novel.

Eddie Lovejoy and Percival Kline are the only scientists left in their big weird lab, and are left to their weird experiments–often on each other. Rivals, lovers, test subjects–who needs labels? These characters are mostly for fun, but may show up in adult mini comics.

What if you were in love with the sea–or is it if the sea fell in love with you? And what if the sea was a capricious werewhale who haunts you in your dreams? That’s Lucy’s problem, anyway. A collab comic in the works.

Imagine a Pokemon region based solely on extinct flora and fauna… You get the Lapeo Region! With new ‘mons, and regional forms of old ones, it’s got it all! A little fakemon side project done in my spare time.

If you like the stuff I do, anything helps with tossing a little something! The Patreon and shop I run with my partner has a lot of great stuff you can get, and support me along the way.

Latest Blog Posts

Sometimes I just post about random stuff! Here’s where you can read that, if you want to.

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