Tas Mukanik (pronounced: “taz mechanic”–the last name is Ukrainian) is a queer artist living in Montreal, originally from Calgary. They live with their fiancee, Winter Jay Kiakas, who together run the small queer business Windy & Wallflower where they create comics together. Tas has worked on multiple projects, namely The Sanity Circus, Paint the Town Red and Augustine. Her debut published graphic novel is Lost Time, published by Penguin Razorbill in 2023. Her specialties are with pencils, flatting and colours. Her general interests are in dinosaurs and hot monster women, of which you can probably find traces of either (or both) in all her work.

(pronouns: they/them, she/her, he/him)

Represented by Jen Azantian at Azantian Literary Agency 
Contact for publishing inqueries: jen@azantianlitagency.com
Direct contact: tm@windywallflower.com

Comic Titles and Work:

  • Lost Time (2023). Middle grade graphic novel published by Penguin Razorbill. Find out more here!
  • Augustine (2022, rated 15+). Online comic, collab with Jay Kiakas. Pencils and colours. Readable here.
  • Paint the Town Red (2019-present, rated 16+). Collab with Jay Kiakas. Pencils and tones. Readable here.
  • The Magic Word (2021, rated 18+). Collab with Jay Kiakas. Story, pencils and colours.
  • The Sanity Circus (2014-present, rated 13+). Online comic. Readable here.
  • Castle Swimmer (2019-current). Flat colours. Readable here.
  • Sweaty Palms 2 (2018) “Aliens/Anxiety”. Accepted entry into the Sweaty Palms anthology on anxiety.
  • A Tempo (2017). Collab with Jay Kiakas. Pencils and colours.
  • BadMouth (2016-2019). Colours. Readable here.

Kickstarters/ Campaigns:

  • The Sanity Circus Volume 1 (2017)
  • Paint the Town Red Volume 1 (2019)
  • Paint the Town Red Volume 2 (2020)
  • Paint the Town Red Volume 3 (2022)