Augustine is a collaborative comic I’m making with Winter Jay Kiakas. It’s an action-packed story following a ragtag group of friends in a junk-punk Greek Myth inspired world, as they trifle with ancient legends, bounty hunters, and the struggle to define yourself in a world that rejects you.

The comic is rated 13+ (swearing, violence, alcohol references).

From the site:

Augustine follows the adventure of August and her friends: Brick, Heti and Ande as they survive in the perilous region known as the Crater. You can call them all Trouble (with the capital T) as they wrack up bounties for their rowdiness, most especially from the local head honcho Tanto the Bull. During these escapades, however, the group stumbles into an ancient artifact, a possible piece of an old myth surrounding the Crater. This discovery soon leads them down a path of chaos, chased by bounty hunters and old forgotten gods.

The comic was started in 2022 and had the first chapter printed as Volume 1 in 2023.


August herself! The fearless leader, at least self-proclaimed.

Brick, the minotaur with the most sense of the group, but that’s not saying much.

Heti, the sphinx with the brains and the sharp mouth.

Ande, the shy giant, with little words but probably the biggest heart.

Comic Pages

Concepts and Illustrations

Augustine is the rework of another work titled Xenia, which was a much more somber, serious comic. Although we both still love the concept of Xenia, we felt it wasn’t quite a match for the main characters, August and Podarke, so we took them out and created Augustine with them instead. We may still return to the ideas of Xenia one day.

Xenia Concepts and Illustrations