From Hell’s Heart is a story in progress about Lucy, a one-armed former captain, and Bonnie, a monstrous werewhale, and their tumultuous relationship.

What would you do if the sea fell in love with you? What if the sea was a giant monster, a whale that perhaps also may be human? Lucy Moore has to find that out herself, all the while dealing with the superstitions and ostracization of her small island town, Seven Bells, after being marked a cursed captain when she lost her ship and crew on their first voyage. It was a creature that sunk it, and the very same creature took her arm–yet, no one wants to believe her. But she knows the beast is out there, and she’s determined to prove it.

From Hell’s Heart is a little idea that’s been tossed around between me and Winter. Despite appearances, it wasn’t originally inspired from Moby Dick, but obviously we have taken some inspiration from it now. We sometimes affectionately call this story “Moby Dyke”. Current plans for it, if it were to exist as a comic, would be for it to become a webtoon.

Concepts & Illustrations