Another text-roleplay that my partner and I return to often. This one doesn’t have much of a plot, and is more about the Fun Antics a couple of mad scientists get up to. The general premise is there was a lab where multiple scientists were brought in (in some cases, to recreate magic or to overtake the gods), but all the scientists left as the task was futile–save for two of the more mad variety, who remain there doing their ungodly experiments, now usually on each other.

These characters often… well, their antics often get horny. At present any plans to print/create works for them would be little smut one-shots released occasionally. A lot of their art therefore can be explicit, but none of that will be here. You can go to Patreon for that.

Dr. Edwina “Eddie” Lovejoy

Eddie (she/her) is outgoing, and perhaps at first you don’t notice her madness underneath her charm and upbeat attitude. But it hides her more sinister and unhinged personality. She specializes in serums that modify the body and mind.

Dr. Percival Kline

Kline (they/them) keeps more to themself, and many considered them a bit of an oddball from the start. They’re obsessive and driven, pushing to go through with their experiments no matter what’s in their way. They specialize in dissection and chopping up and rearranging the body. Lots of blood with this one.


As always, lots of art for these two are collaborative between me and Winter.