For the past couple years I’ve been working on a little fakemon region on the side, for the “Lapeo” region. The concept for this fakemon region is that Pokemon are all resurrected from fossils, and so everything is prehistoric themed. This includes new regional forms of official fossil Pokemon, and more paleo-themed regional forms of other Pokemon, as well as original new ‘mons.

I blogged about it in depth for several posts, and redrew and redesigned many of the ‘mons in 2023. It was printed into a little fake pamphlet book called “The Beginner’s Guide to the Lapeo Region”, which is available in the store in both physical and PDF form.

I have also blogged a lot about the making of this fakedex, which you can check out the tag for here.

Grass starters: Trilobud (Grass/Bug) > Eurypterra (Grass/Bug) > Arthromotive (Grass/Bug)

Fire starters: Dimwik (Fire) > Pyrapsid (Fire) > Baseppelin (Fire/Flying)

Water starters: Sliktaalik (Water) > Nothocean (Water) > Spyrate (Water/Dark)

Zapling (Flying/Electric) > Pteranimbus (Flying/Electric) | Sewadillo (Normal/Fairy) > Glyptoquilt (Normal/Fairy)

Sclerva (Bug) > Pupalil (Bug/Psychic) > Optikalli (Bug/Psychic)

Archen (Dark/Flying) > Archeops (Dark/Flying) | Rhyhorn (Normal/Ice) > Rhydon (Normal/Ice) > Rhytherium (Normal/Ice)

Diggoroth (Ground/Normal) | Thalasskoth (Water/Ground) — Both evolve from Slakoth

Velocerate (Fighting) | Saurophonic (Normal)

Paleon (Grass/Water) | Meseon (Ground/Poison) | Ceneon (Normal) –All evolve from Eevee

Helixugenia (Fairy/Psychic) | Forgossil (Ghost) > Phantaxon (Ghost)

Aerodactyl (Flying) | Anorith (Bug/Poison) > Armaldo (Bug/Poison)

Troal (Grass/Fire) > Carbonferno (Grass/Fire) | Tademon (Fire/Poison) > Toadevil (Fire/Poison)

Eleptic (Electric/Grass) | Omaspire (Rock/Water) –Evolves from Omastar

Poddlet (Steel/Electric) > Brontovolt (Steel/Electric) > Dredbolt (Steel/Electric)

Legendary trio: Mankylo (Rock) | Compazdark (Steel) | Icthyore (Fire)

Legendaries: Irideorite (Ghost/Fire) | Vertebraia (Water/Ghost)

Earlier Iterations

These were the first drawings done of these fakemon! Originally I was trying to replicate the official Pokemon style, but I found that was holding me back and decided to redraw them all in more of my own style. That also gave me the opportunity to redesign a few of the Pokemon, too, so some of them may look a bit different.