So, one thing I do often with my partner is text role-play. It’s what we usually do to wind down and have fun, but we also can use it to plan out stories–or just get the hang of certain characters. We have a few go-to roleplays that we rerun often, and they usually get art for them, so I wanted to make dedicated pages for them on my site. In this case, this is the one I affectionately call THE SIN PANTHEON.

The general premise for this one is a world that used to be ruled by several pantheons of gods, but has recently collapsed all under one God–the Eye. These other gods have either been left scrambling to survive, or have joined the Eye as one of his angels. A mortal woman, Hela, ends up shaking everything up when she meets Ovoe, a fallen angel of God.

As this is a role-play, not a solid story, there are details that change often. At present, we don’t have solid plans to convert this roleplay into something concrete to share, and the characters are extremely dear and personal to us. So for now, it’s simply for fun!

The main cast creates the, well, “Sin Pantheon”, so named because each member very loosely based off of the seven deadly sins.


Lady Hela Sagittarius

God of Vengeance
(Hell-ah) | she/her | Pride
Hela is the daughter of a royal-like family in a devout city to the Eye. She is cunning, cruel and stubborn, willing to do whatever it takes to get what she desires. For the most part, it’s the throne–she’s been denied it many times, even to the point of being banished when she kills her siblings for the right to take it. During her banishment she runs into Ovoe, and with their help she retakes her throne… but not without issues. Hela eventually becomes a god herself, wrangling the rest of the Pantheon together, whether she really wanted to or not. Aside from Ovoe, she has a close relationship with Phaios, who often visited her dreams as a mortal.


God of War and Bloodshed
(Oh-voh-ee) | they/them | Wrath
Ovoe was a god of war, endorsed by the God of Death. They ended up joining the Eye as their worship waned, becoming an angel, but after defying the Eye and getting banished, they became a fallen angel and lost their memories. Then they fell into Hela’s grasp… leading to some complicated feelings. Loyal to a fault, they help Hela retake her throne, and eventually regain their war god memories and endorse Hela into godhood. Hela and them have a… very up and down relationship. Within the Pantheon they’re close with Vaalo, and Jude is a sort of brother to them, having also been touched by Death.


God of Dreams and Nightmares
(Fay-uhs) | they/them | Sloth
Phaios is an ancient dream god who ropes themself into this mess, mostly with visiting Hela in her dreams. The Eye was particularly cruel to Phaios, rewriting a lot of their myth and turning them into a children’s tale (the sandman), and making it very difficult for them to regain their power. With Hela and the Pantheon’s help, they’re able to get back some of their standing. They’re known as a bit of a trickster god, so some don’t exactly trust them, on top of the fact they were also once endorsed by Death, but returned it. They are particularly close with Jude, and have an intense trickster rivalry with Pennyjack.


God of Myth and Storytelling
he/they | Envy
Jude long ago was a part of a small pantheon of scribe gods, but he was selected to become Death’s official scribe (this came to the annoyance of one of these other scribes, who would later become the Eye.) Jude’s work is less to be a god of the mortals, and more of a writer for the other gods. He writes their myths and legends, and has great influence over this–a power he does not take lightly. Unfortunately, the only story he can never write is his own. He’s very close with Phaios, the only god who ever tried to write his story. He was taken as angel by God, before being freed by the Pantheon.


God and Mother of Monsters
(Vah-low) | she/they/it | Gluttony
Vaalo is literally the oldest god in the Pantheon, having existed at the point when the Creation god split itself apart. She originally was a god of beasts and all things that are dangerous in the dark, but as mortals grew less fearful of this she lost a lot of power. To try and combat this, she created vampires and werewolves as some way to get a foothold, but that backfired tremendously. From there, she bounced around various pantheons, just scraping by but always managing to survive, in some way. She has a hard time really making friends, but she’s pretty cool with Ovoe’s company. She’s recruited into the Pantheon after surviving outside of the Eye’s influence.


God of Luck and Bad Fortune
she/her | Greed
Called sometimes just Jack, or PJ, she’s the second youngest god, having her spotlight for only a few moments before the Eye brought everything down. She’s Lady Luck, a being of pure chaos that one day can give you the best time of your life, and the next take it all away. She ended up in a bad gamble with the Eye, putting her at odds with Phaios and ultimately amounting to nothing as the Eye would outlaw her casinos. She’s a bit of a hard one to read, a real trickster who seems positive all the time. She is genuinely quite attached to Az, however, and has a complicated rivalry with Phaios.


God of Love and Desire
she/he/they/any | Lust
Az is a fairly old love god, and before the Eye took over she helmed the largest pantheon, often taking in smaller gods that had nowhere else to go. Unfortunately she was the one who took the leap in joining the Eye early on, which didn’t turn out so good! She gets to live with that guilt now. She gets along with… mostly everyone (because, I mean…), though her and Vaalo have a tumultuous thing going on, and she’s very close with Jack.


Here’s an assortment of artwork! (It’s mostly Hela and Ovoe, or as we affectionately refer to as Heloe. ) It’s… definitely not everything, either, but hey. A lot of this is collabed with my partner, and some of it is completely by them! (The portraits above are by them, aside from Vaalo’s).