The Curse of Blackwood Manor is a YA graphic novel following Sam as she meets the quite literally monstrous family of her girlfriend.

18-year-old Sam Hannegan decides to go with her girlfriend, Boots Blackwood, to finally meet her family for the first time. It turns out the Blackwoods are of… the more monstrous persuasion. As Sam is tossed and turned around the family, who seem less than impressed with her, remarking how ordinary she is, Boots contends with her disappointed mother, and the struggle to make her case to her own family. Both of their attempts are ignored when Sam ends up being cursed, forced to impress each member of the Blackwoods, or meet her untimely doom.

Sam and Boots must run the gauntlet of Blackwoods, while also diving into the secrets of Blackwood Manor, keeping her relationship intact, and even holding on to their own humanity through it all…

This story is intended for publishing, and will likely be my next book after Lost Time. More info on that to come soon!

Concepts & Illustrations