The Farewell Tour is a sci-fi graphic novel in collaboration with my partner!

The washed up rockstar, Buzzkill (also known as Jax) has been piling in the negative news lately, a spiral that has been hard to contain, and frustrating for his managers and record label. Things come more to a head as Jax makes a run for it after one of his shows, aiming to break away from his restricting contracts and make a new name for himself. However, he’s soon captured by a renowned bounty hunter–Raddley–an ex-mercenary with a clunky ship but a deadly aim. During the capture, though, the two are accidentally transported to another system. Raddley must take him back to get her reward, but Jax doesn’t want to return to that life. With days to go to get back to their system, maybe they can come to some understanding…

We’re very excited for this comic! Plans are to have it in B/W, and it will be 18+. Some previews of what that could mean are on our Patreon.



A jaded bounty hunter, Raddley was once a mercenary, like most alkotosaurs. She escaped that life, and since has been working as a bounty hunter in her ship The Radiation Eater, which she’s lovingly tinkered and worked on for years now. Despite her tough attitude and appearance, she has a soft spot for romance novels.


Jax is a famous rockstar, known by his pseudonym BUZZKILL. He comes from a secluded system of bee-aliens, bombini, where he ran away to pursue his love of music. His talent was discovered quickly, and signed to a large record label. His last few years have been marred with scandals and bad publicity, leading many to believe he’s spiralling out.

Art & Concepts

Many of these were done in collaboration with Winter!